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SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service that provides a unique in-memory database and a set of services for building, customizing and connecting enterprise applications. It is the proven cloud platform that enables developers to rapidly develop new applications or personalize and customize existing ones – on-premises or cloud-based.

Do you have what it takes to solve four of the toughest Enterprise B2B payments pain points?

Now’s your chance to prove it.

Over the course of a 5-week period, the PYMNTS2CashFlow Challenge.  This challenge will provide a limited number of developers the opportunity to create solutions to address one of four complex issues associated with B2B payments.

Leveraging the power of the SAP Cloud Platform, teams will be given the unprecedented opportunity to access SAP developer tools and tutorials and one-on-one mentorship with key SAP Cloud Platform experts, Ariba solution management experts and PYMNTS team members over the course of the five week challenge.

Thank You For Applying!

The Timeline

Challenge Announced

March 3

Priority Submission Period

March 3 – March 10

Submissions Period Closes

March 31

Challenge Kick off

April 7

Challenge Closes

May 12

Live Simulcast of Submissions by Participating Teams via May 16th 12 Noon EST

The PYMNTS2CashFlow Challenge Pain Points

The following four pain points have been identified by SAP Enterprise customers as areas in which they would like to see creative, scalable and fact-based solutions developed. Although these represent feedback from SAP’s customer base, other solutions will be given consideration.

Make Working Capital Smarter

Using new tools and technologies to create an intelligent working capital dashboard that gives buyers new tools by which to assess the success of their Payments & Discounting programs while offering real-time feedback on a supplier-to-supplier basis regarding terms for subsequent invoices.

Supply Chain Payments Optimization

Using new tools, business intelligence, risk analytics, and new business models to collapse the number of hops and hands thru which payments across the supply chain has to travel. The goal is to have the entire supply chain of a project in an industry to be paid via a predefined hierarchy, such that payments to sub-contractors and beyond can be triggered directly via the contractor based on that pre-defined payment hierarchy and terms.

Dynamic Payments Optimization

Using new tools, business intelligence and technologies, creating a better way for buyers and suppliers to meet on favorable payments terms that maximize cash flow and working capital for both parties.

Creating a Trusted Supplier Identity

Using new tools, technologies and models, creating a process that enables the efficient onboarding and compliance of new suppliers for buyers by creating a supplier ID. A supplier ID, much like a consumer ID will enable access to all buyers that are part of the SAP Cloud Platform.