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Innovation Project

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Day 2

*Schedule subject to change


Fireside Chat

Opening Session

Karen Webster, CEO of welcomes attendees to the exciting two-day forum.

Featuring Al Kelly, CEO at Visa and Karen Webster, CEO at



CEOs and The New World View

Connected devices and mobile phones mean that commerce is a global reality – yet a new political movement seems poised to change the way that commerce moves cross border. A panel of CEOs whose business is defined by the interconnectedness of the world debates its impact to their business – and our commerce future.

Featuring Mike Massaro, CEO at Flywire, Steve LaBella, CEO at BillMo, and Aaron Goldman, Managing Director at General Atlantic, and Harshil Mathur, Co-Founder and CEO at Razorpay. Moderator: David S. Evans, Economist and Founder at Global Economics Group


Fireside Chat

Making Money Work For Everyone

Connected devices and mobile phones mean that commerce is a global reality – yet a new political movement seems poised to change the way that commerce moves cross border. A panel of CEOs whose business is defined by the interconnectedness of the world debates its impact to their business – and our commerce future.

Featuring Dan Schulman, CEO at PayPal and Karen Webster, CEO at


Insight Byte

LOT Network

Find out how to save your company from a $29 billion problem: patent troll lawsuits. Learn why you are at a competitive disadvantage without these tools, and why the convergence of technology is increasingly bringing the troll problem to your doorstep. Amazon, Google, Cisco, and Slack are just a few companies working together to address the patent troll threat.

Featuring Ken Seddon, CEO at LOT Network and Karen Webster, CEO at


Fireside Chat

Optimizing The Global Commerce Experience

Featuring Kim Goodman, CEO at Worldpay, U.S. and, Karen Webster, CEO at


Fireside Chat & Panel

What A “Cyber Pearl Harbor” Means For Commerce

Admiral James Stavridis said recently that a “cybersecurity Pearl Harbor” is more fact than science fiction. And as NATO’s once Supreme Commander, he should know. But if he’s right, the implications to the safety and soundness of banking financial systems are profound. The Admiral will lead a discussion with a panel of experts on the role each of us plays in protecting and preserving the payments and commerce bedrock of our economic future.

Featuring Admiral James Stavridis, Sunil Medha, CEO of Socure, Blake Hall, CEO and Founder at, Allison Guidette, CEO at G2 Web Services, Corey E. Thomas, President & Chief Executive Officer at Rapid7, and Karen Webster, CEO at


Identity Bytes

Whose Digital Identity Is It Anyway?

Validating a digital identity is now a core requirement to conduct business over the web. What is a digital identity and how has it evolved and where is it headed? How is it kept secure and used to create a positive consumer experiences? One innovator who’s built a business around how to answer that question sounds off.

Featuring John Dancu, President & CEO at IDology



Lunch: Sponsored by Lot Network in the Queenshead Pub

Hear from leaders from JP Morgan Chase and Google on why they and companies such as Plaid, Slack and Netflix are working together proactively to address the patent troll issue, rather than relying on the government for legislative solutions. Learn how to reduce your risk, improve your competitive advantage and optimize your patent troll protection with the minimum amount of investment.


Fireside Chat

Banking on a Culture of Innovation

Featuring Jeff Yabuki, CEO at Fiserv and Karen Webster, CEO at



Banks – Unbundled and In Flux

How do we spell bank these days? How about M.O.B.I.L.E. Mobile is changing the way existing banks and digital upstarts acquire and keep their customers – and especially how they make money. In the age of unbundled financial services, changing consumer demographics, and the ultimate in consumer choice, who has the advantage? Our panel of experts from both sides of the banking bundle weigh in.

Featuring Paul Moreton, Managing Vice President at Capital One, Kari Wilfong, EVP & CFO at CO-OP Financial, Adrienne A. Harris, President Obama’s Economic Policy Advisor/FinTech Framework, Lisa Shields, Founder and CEO at FI.SPAN., Trevor Mast, SVP Product Development – Global Retail Payments at FIS, and Daniel Kimerling, Head of API Banking, Open Platform and R&D at Silicon Valley Bank. Moderator: Priya Pandit, Client Solutions Director at Ripple



The Future Meets The Present Right Now: Can Retail Keep Pace?

News flash: simply “doing digital” won’t save brick and mortar retail. SO then what will? How about reinventing what it means to give consumers a reason to buy from you as a starting point. Our panel of “reinventors” will share what they are doing to help retailers reinvent themselves – and what work is left to be done.

Featuring Dan Burkhart, CEO at Recurly, Roy Erez, CEO at Loop Commerce, Joe Bilman, CDO at Harland, J. Skyler Fernandes, Founder & Investor at One Match Ventures, Fumio Kobayashi, CEO, at Proudwork; Former CEO at, and Ajay Kapoor, VP of Digital Transformation + Strategy at SharkNinja


Fireside Chat & Panel

Fighting the Dark Side of Algorithms

When they are good, they are very, very good. And when they are bad, they are horrid. Some of the biggest decisions with the biggest impacts on people and businesses are driven by models that some human being, somewhere devised. Harvard Ph.D. Cathy O’Neil says that’s fine, provided that those human beings checked their biases at the door when those models were built. As Ph.D. mathematician turned Wall Street quant jock turned Professor and author, Cathy (aka The Math Babe – her nickname, not ours) will lead a lively discussion with industry experts on the art and science of the data and the algorithms they support on how consumers buy – or whether they can buy at all.

Featuring Cathy O’Neil, Author Weapons of Math Destruction, Nitya Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO at Simpl, Carey Ransom, Chief Product Officer at Experian Consumer Services, Jai Holtz, VP at Vyze, Former President Sears Financial Services, Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, VP & GM Credit Americas at PayPal, and Karen Webster, CEO at


Coffee Break


Deep Dive

Does Short Term Lending Have a Future?

The fate of the payday lending – and the millions of consumers and lenders who use it responsibly – is in flux as we all await the CFPB’s final ruling. A panel of experts will war game the future of small dollar, short term loans and what and who might emerge to fill in the gaps if the ruling breaks bad.

Featuring Paul Purcell, Principal at Continental Advisors, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, CEO at Advance America, Kirk Chartier, EVP at Enova, and Bryan A. Schneider, Secretary of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation


Fireside Chat

Meeting Consumers and Merchants In The Mobile

In a world gone mobile – and digital – what does a network have to do to keep merchants engaged – and motivated – so that cardholders keep spending? We’ll hear from Amex’s President of Global Merchant Services & Loyalty Group on how – as both an issuer and a network – Amex is working both sides of its network to meet merchants and consumers where they increasingly want to transact – the mobile phone.

Featuring Anré Williams, President, Global Merchant Service & Loyalty Group’s at American Express and Karen Webster, CEO at



The State of Cannabis and Commerce In The U.S.

States definitely want to inhale. In what analysts have pegged as a multi-billion dollar opportunity, payment-enabling the sale of legal marijuana is a bonanza for state coffers. But, as a federally prohibited industry, there are some big-time issues associated with giving states the opportunity to really cash in. A panel of experts who are front and center in helping to thread this needle share their insights – and their plans.

Featuring Dante Tosetti, Regulatory & Compliance Principal/Former Fed Bank Examiner, William P. Coley, Senator, Ohio State, Ben Curren, Co-Founder and CEO at Green Bits and, Karen Webster, CEO at Moderator: Shaunt Sarkissian, CEO at Cortex MCP


Innovators Expo

2017 Innovators Expo

Mix and Mingle with 50 of the Hottest Emerging Innovators in Payments and Commerce Science Center.


Buses Depart

Fenway Park

Take me out to the ballgame . . .join us at one of America’s oldest and most beloved ballparks (Fenway Park) for the Innovator Awards and Dinner.

Featuring Jason Alexander of Seinfeld


Award Gala Dinner

2017 Innovators Awards Gala Dinner and Awards

Grab your ringside seat as the best of the best in payments, commerce and retail take home their gold, silver and bronze awards – in an Awards Ceremony emceed by the man who made “fat wallets” famous –Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander.


After Party!

After Party with Bearfight

Celebrate innovation by dancing the night away with one of Boston’s favorite bands.

Featuring Jason Alexander of Seinfeld