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Innovation Project
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Betting on the Future: The Who, What, Where and How

Payments and commerce have a long and storied history – one that’s as long and as rich as mankind itself. From seashells to bitcoin, the Emporium to Amazon, the merchant banks of Babylonia to the digital banks of today, the way we pay, who we pay and how we pay has evolved to reflect the needs of business and society throughout the millennia.

But where do we go from here?

We’ve witnessed, over the last decade, a huge shift in the direction of payments, commerce and retail, shifts driven by the birth of the iPhone, apps, new technologies and inspired by the imaginations of innovators and incumbents alike eager to reimagine the future of how people and businesses exchange value.

In 2012, launched The Innovation Project – an annual confab of those innovators from across the ecosystem and around the world – to discuss the impact of these shifts, and debate their relevance to the future of payments and commerce. This year, this highly unique and high-powered forum will share their insights on where they’re placing their bets as they look ahead to the next decade.

Those who’ve embraced these new technologies to reimagine our journey so far will now tell us where – and with whom – they’re placing their bets to capitalize on what’s to come.

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1 Conversation

2 Days

650+ Thought Leaders


Harvard University

Who, What, Where and How?


The future of banks, banking and the delivery of financial services


The transformation of credit and the tools that help lenders manage risk


The reinvention of retail and the consumer retail experience


Crossing the chasm of how consumers pay today and how innovators want them to pay tomorrow


The future of banks, banking and the delivery of financial services


The role of AI technologies in making interactions between consumers and businesses easier, more personal and more rewarding


The rise and the role of ecosystems that leverage new devices and technologies to connect consumers with each other, and the services that they value

Some Speakers You Can Expect To Hear From

    Tony Fadell
    One of the Creators of the iPod, iPhone, Founder and Former CEO at Nest

      Al Kelly
      CEO, Visa

        Cathy O’Neil
        Data Scientist and Author of Weapons of Math Destruction

          Adm James G. Stavridis
          Dean, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University

            JD Vance
            Author, Hillbilly Elegy

              Souheil Badran
              President, Alipay North America

                Frank Bisignano
                Chairman and CEO, First Data

                  Daniel Eckert
                  SVP of Walmart Services